Anonymous asked:

Hiii, this is a friendly reminder that rough times will pass by. If anything is bothering you it only means it will dissapear! You are a gorgeous girl and I love your smile a lot, it looks amazing on you. Stay strong, love. You'll be okay :)

Katy Answer:

Thank you so much! :-)

Anonymous asked:

do u have anxiety or panic attacks ? or both ? or none ? hahah

Katy Answer:

I don’t really know differences, but I think I had both. I think I mostly have anxiety attacks. 

Important piece of advice if you are around someone having a panic attack:






Seriously. Unless they are in immediate physical danger (ex. about to step into traffic) or unless they give you explicit permission, don’t touch them. For many people, it may exacerbate their panic, make them feel trapped, etc.

If you forget and do touch them, and they lash out at you, don’t get mad at them! It’s nothing to do with you personally. Just move away and do your best to continue providing emotional support.